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In Plague Tale Innocence will not receive expansions or sequels, Asobo reveals

In an interview granted to colleagues from Star News, A Plague Tale Innocence's Narrative Designer, Sebastien Renard, reported that the study development team Asobo did not plan the creation of expansions or real sequels for their new, surprising intellectual property

Driven by his interviewer to expose himself after the incredible response of the sector press obtained from the medieval adventure in dark colors with protagonists Amicia and Hugo Renard has not been unbuttoned and explained that A Plague Tale Innocence represents "a unique and complete narrative experience. We are all so happy to have created a game that we can love so much … we are all on a roller coaster of emotions and the whole team is obviously very excited and nervous because, after all, it has only been a day since the release of the title. of holidays and of well-deserved rest for all of us ".

The positive international reviews of A Plague Tale Innocence could, however, represent a driving force for the commercial success of the title, guaranteeing the necessary visibility for remain steadily on the top floors of the sales rankings and induce, by doing so, both the authors of the Asobo studies and the leaders of Focus Home Interactive to further follow up this IP for turning it into a franchise . In the meantime, here is our review of A Plague Tale Innocence edited by Tommaso "Todd" Montagnoli to accompany the release of the title on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which took place last May 14.

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