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In the history of The Division 2, the anti-migrant wall builds it Mexico!

A few days after the publication of Tom Clancy's The Division 2, the summits of Ubisoft take advantage of the promotional campaign dedicated to the new shooter of Massive Entertainment to overthrow the geopolitical balances between Mexico and the United States with a shrewd narrative expedient

The editors of Ubisoft's social profiles have published a fake press release from the Federal Government of Mexico informing its citizens about the allocation of the necessary funds to build a Anti-migrant wall on the border with the United States, described here as a disgraced nation because of the Green Poison and the riots triggered by the epidemic

"Today, the Mexico announced an Emergency State due to the instability within the US government, the risk of those fleeing to Mexico and the possible spread of the virus c he paralyzed Washington DC "we read in fact the false press release issued by the Central American nation's authorities adopting tones that resound mockingly similar to those used, in reality, by the Trump Administration to push in favor of the construction of the Wall.

"Together with the announcement, the complete financing of a boundary wall has been taken and works will begin immediately. The border is closed "explain the Mexican authorities in the introductory preamble of the message that goes on with the words of the fake President of Mexico: " Now is not the time of politics or financial considerations that could hinder the security and protection of our people. We have already seen a caravan of American refugees from the east coast arriving at our border hoping to enter our country to receive protection and escape the chaos and anarchy of the Black Zone ".

Waiting to find out what others narrative cues will provide us with the next initiatives of the promotional campaign of Ubisoft, we remind those who follow us that The Division 2 will be available from March 15 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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