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Among the various announcements of Inside Xbox, an event held yesterday evening, a name change was made by Microsoft for the Los Angeles square used for community events and meetings , from Microsoft Square to Xbox Plaza .

The official press release reads: " We are excited to announce that Microsoft Square will soon be renamed the Xbox Plaza in collaboration with AEG and LA Live a great protagonist for what we have in store for E3 in June We will announce new information on how Xbox Plaza is being formed, the FanFests and many other goodies for E3 2019 in the coming weeks and months, so stay connected with Xbox Wire, This Week on Xbox and Inside Xbox for all the next information ".

The rebranding therefore takes place in anticipation of the expected Microsoft conference during the upcoming E3 of June, where the coloss or Redmond will be practically the only protagonist, given that Sony and Nintendo have decided not to hold conferences at the Los Angeles fair.

What will have in store Microsoft for the June event? What do you think of the name change of the square? Will it have anything to do with something big that is boiling in the pot and we'll know something about it probably in the coming weeks?

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