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Sean Murray, author of the controversial video game No Man's Sky, has posted some Tweets in the past few hours that would suggest that an update on the game is coming. Particularly yesterday, a retweet made us think of something full-bodied.

Murray retweeted a post from last year in which he wrote "Generally we talk as little as possible, and focus on do things … but this information was about to leak "and alluded to a" small "update for the game, which turned out to be No Man's Sky Next which introduced improvements to the multiplayer, almost unlimited base building, various graphic changes and porting for Xbox One.

After the retweet, the author then posted the image of a clock, as if it were almost a countdown, and suggesting that the announcement will be revealed shortly . Will it be another "small" change, or will it be something bigger? For example, many hope for a version of the videogame for Nintendo Switch : will the announcement in question therefore concern a new porting?

For the moment we can only keep the antennas well straight and update you as soon as we have news. What do you hope for?

If you were waiting for the news of the eventual announcement to decide whether or not to give the game a chance, take a look at our review of No Man's Sky Next. Before taking your first steps in video games instead, you can read our guide for new players of No Man's Sky.

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