Interrupted production of PlayStation Vita: merits and weaknesses of the Sony portable console


The official release of Sony which announces the arrest of the production of the PlayStation Vita also for the Japanese market is the confirmation that the small console, always at the center of many perplexities, has now completely concluded its life cycle

In its eight years of service, the portable platform has moved between false steps and uncertainties, but has also received the approval of irreducible fans and many great satisfactions. PlayStation Vita has remained in production for a considerable period of time for a portable platform, giving life to all these years to large titles such as Uncharted The Abyss Of Gold, Gravity Rush Tearaway, Muramasa Rebirth, Killzone Mercenary Dragon's Crown and many others, coming to host many independent productions such as Hotline Miami and Severed.

But now the life cycle of … Life has come to an end. Sony announced the halt to the production and distribution of the console and physical media worldwide, after eight years of honored career and total sales of just over ten million pieces. Goodbye PlayStation Vita and thank you for everything.