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Is Capcom preparing to launch an Arcade Stick with pre-installed classic games?

Update on April 15th, 18:20 – According to a corridor rumor collected by NintendoLife colleagues, the teaser trailer for the new Capcom project related to Street Fighter and Alien should concern the launch of a new Arcade Stick with pre-installed several classic games from the Capcom arcade game

Original article – What does one Xenomorfo do in the universe of Street Fighter ? The teaser trailer made by Capcom's top management to set tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16 the announcement of a new project, shows one of the monstrous protagonists of the Alien saga fighting against one of the Street wrestlers Fighter.

The shrewd promotional stratagem used by the Japanese videogame giant plucks the strings of nostalgia for the millions of enthusiasts who have spent their childhood attacking family economies and squandering assets in tokens and coins: in the movie we can in fact note buttons of a cabin cruiser reflects the screen image of arcade masterpieces as Giga Wing, Darkstalkers The Night Warriors, Street Fighter 2, Progear and Alien vs. Predator.

To reiterate the connection with the Alien series we then have the references of Capcom to the intellectual property owned by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, with a rather unequivocal quote in the section of the video dedicated to copyright.

The announcement official of the new Capcom project will take place at 5:00 pm on April 16th and, according to the indications offered by this teaser trailer, it could concern the presentation of a new Arcade Classics Collection for PC , PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS and Android mobile systems. Meanwhile, we present the latest Capcom April Fools dedicated to a new chapter of Monster Hunter World for Google Stadia (???) and a revolutionary AI.

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