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Judgment: SEGA confirms the location in Italian on video

After giving us reassurances on the absence of censorship in the Western version of Judgment, the summits of SEGA Europe publish a new video game to confirm the presence of the complete localization in Italian of their new adventure inspired by the iconic Yakuza series.

The lovers of hard-boiled experiences in jappa sauce who want to explore the slums of Kamurocho wearing the very unprofessional leather jacket of the detective Takayuki Yagami as a result, you can enjoy the whole adventure with texts in English or Japanese and subtitles in English, German, Spanish, French and, indeed, Italian.

The Judgment Packaged Localization Trailer European SEGA also offers us a little taste of the mechanical action that we will experience facing the many criminals and criminals who crowd the streets of the same imo fictitious neighborhood of Tokyo that has been the theater for the raids of the heroes of the saga of Yakuza.

Also in the video, the Japanese developers anticipate the "important news" coming in the next days and connected, presumably, to the announcement of the official launch date of Judgment on PlayStation 4. In the meantime, we leave you in the company of Francesco Fossetti and his latest in-depth article on the narrative, graphic, technical and playful elements that will paint the digital picture in Judgment tints noir.

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