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Judgment: the launch in the West after l

Pierre Taki Japanese actor and voice actor who lent his face and voice to the character of Hamura Kyohei in Judgment, was arrested in the past, on charges of possession and use of cocaine. SEGA is considering legal action.

The Japanese publisher has announced the immediate interruption of the distribution of Judge Eyes Shinigami no Yuigon in Japan, in addition the company is evaluating possible legal actions to defend its image and ensure that it is not harmed by bad publicity due to the arrest of Taki.

Takashi Mochizuki reporter for the Wall Street Journal, says that right now SEGA is deciding the fate of publication in the West, announced for June 25, 2019 but currently in doubt. It is not excluded that the company can remove all references to Pierre Taki before bringing the game to Europe and North America but this could postpone the launch for a few months.

We look forward to learning more, currently Judgment is only available in Japan but as mentioned the distribution was immediately stopped after the news and the game was removed from PlayStation Store.

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