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Judgment: the new game by the authors of Yakuza comes out in June on PS4

Thanks to a leak image appeared on the portal PlayStation Universe, we finally discover the western launch date of Judgment the new action game developed by the team author of the acclaimed series of Yakuza .

Judgment which actually stands as a real spin-off of Yakuza will be available in Europe and North America starting from 25 June 2019 . The retail edition of the game will feature a reversible cover that will present a brand new façade with Japanese logos, and a theme sticker Ryu ga Gotoku known here as Yakuza

Excellent news for those who opt for the downloadable format of the game, which will grant you the free download of a static theme depicting Takayumi Yagami the main protagonist of Judgment , and will allow you to start playing in Early Access as early as June 21.

Developed and published by SEGA Judgment will be published in Europe exclusively on PlayStation 4 on June 25th. The publisher has already confirmed that the action game will include localization in Italian. Furthermore, thanks to the ESRB rating, we have learned of the lack of censorship compared to the eastern version of the title. If you are interested in further investigating the Yakuza spin-off, please refer to our dedicated Preview.

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