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Jump Force: announced l

Bandai Namco Games announced that Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! will make his debut on the Jump Force roster. The new character will be available in May as part of the first paid DLC which will also include two other heroes.

The publisher also revealed the complete road map of post launch support which includes numerous free upgrades and two Premium DLCs to payment arriving during 2019. The first free update will arrive in April and will include the Clan functionality, the Vertex event and new costumes for avatars.

In May the first DLC will arrive with three characters and new costumes while in June and July two new free upgrades are planned, in August the second paid DLC will be available with a new update accessible to all.

Below is the complete calendar communicated by Bandai Namco and updated until August, the publisher has plans to support the title at least for the whole of 2019 new details on the additional Jump Force content will be revealed next imamente.

Jump Force was launched last February on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, despite the lukewarm reception received from the press the game seems to have met with some commercial success especially in Japan and Europe.

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