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Jump Force Guide: how to perform an area change in combat

During Jump Force fights, it is possible to throw opponents to another place in the scenario, performing an "Area Change". In this mini-guide we will explain how to do it, and how to use it to your advantage in the fights.

Jump Force fights make us feel like we're playing an anime scene, with tons of exaggerated actions and special attacks from each guy. Of course, as in any self-respecting brawler, you can punch your opponent so hard that you throw him far away. Here we explain how to perform the transitions of the stage (change area) in Jump Force.

The transitions of the stage, known as the "Change Area", will allow you to inflict a bit of extra damage to your opponent as you hit them through buildings, mountains or any other obstacle in the style of Dragon Ball Z.

For to change area you must first load your marker of Awakening at least at 50% . This indicator automatically fills as you fight, each time you deal damage or when you suffer. Activating the Awakening technique in Jump Force by pressing R3, the indicator will be emptied preventing you to perform an Area Change at that precise moment.

At this point, after filling at least 50% the Awakening indicator, to make a Change Area you just need to perform a powerful squeeze (by holding down Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One) and immediately after a simple dunk (by pressing Square on PS4 and X on Xbox One).

At this point will start a very short cutscene in which your opponent will destroy everything, and as soon as you reach the new place you can continue your combo with confidence. With a little practice, you will be able to master this useful and spectacular technique without problems.

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