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Jump Force Guide: how to use the Awakening technique with all the characters

Each character of Jump Force is able to use a technique Awakening of fundamental importance to overturn the fate of an encounter. In this mini-guide we will explain how to use it for all the roster wrestlers.

To use the technique Awakening in Jump Force you will first need to familiarize yourself with its indicator. The awakening meter is located near the portrait of your character at the top of the screen. To fill it you must successfully inflict attacks, or block those of the opponents.

To manually load the Awakening Meter you will have to stand still and hold down R2 / RT. When the indicator will be filled to at least 50% you will be able to unleash the full power of your character.

For to activate the technique Awakening you have to press right stick on Xbox One or R3 on PlayStation 4. "Awakening" your character will increase his power and speed for a short period of time. You will remain in an Awakening state until the indicator is finished. In order to use it again you will have to repeat the filling process with attacks, parades and so on.

Alternatively, filling the meter will allow you to use your character's ultimate techniques. To use you have to hold down RT or R2 . When you see a list of moves on the screen, select one and press the appropriate button to use it.

If you want to take a look at the Awakening techniques of all the characters, you can watch the proposed movie at the top. If you have started playing with the new fighting game of Bandai Namco and you need some advice, we refer you to our Jump Force Getting Started Guide

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