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Just Cause 4: announced the "Dare Devils of Destruction" DLC

The publisher Square-Enix and the developer Avalanche Studios (the software house that is alongside id Software in the creation of RAGE 2) have officially announced the first of the three DLCs planned for the content expansion of Just Cause 4 the most recent episode of the unbridled series dedicated to the ups and downs of Rico Rodriguez.

" Dare Devils of Destruction " is the add-on in April 30 that arrived will allow you to take part in a new series of missions in which you can unlock and use new vehicles and tools to sow more than ever chaos. The DLC also promises to introduce a triptych of new modes from the arcade spirit with which you can test yourself:

  • Survival – A mode in which you will get behind the wheel and cross paths dotted with proximity mines, demolition balls and fire rings. Destroy the obstacles along the way and reach the checkpoints to ensure victory,
  • Run – A crazy race to face adverse climates and perform spectacular stunts;
  • Rampage – An extreme mode that will launch you in a high area explosive and destructive rate.

If you are interested in taking a closer look at the expansion, we advise you to take a look at the trailer that we reported at the top of the news. By pre-ordering the content you will get the seven-day Advance Access. We recall that the DLC is part of the pack " Dare Devils, Demons and Danger Expansion Pass ", whose remaining add-ons will be revealed later by Square-Enix and Avalanche.

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