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Just two years after its launch, Switch sales exceed those of PS4 in Japan

Although overall the best-selling console of the eighth-generation videogame remains, PlayStation 4 is finally forced to give way to Nintendo Switch in Japan .

The hybrid console of the Kyoto house was welcomed very positively all over the world, but we know very well how Japanese gaming enthusiasts particularly appreciate gaming in portability. This led Switch to achieve such success in the Land of the Rising Sun to exceed the numbers of PlayStation 4, and thus reach the 8.13 million units sold against the 8.07 of the Sony console. A truly remarkable result, considering that the Nintendo platform was launched three years after PS4 . Globally, PS4 naturally remains ahead at 92 million units, while Switch stops at 35 million.

Although the large N can be satisfied with Switch's performance (which is expected to improve in the fiscal year 2019-2020), there is still to be emphasized that sales in the first two years of life of the console in Japan are lower than those of Nintendo DS and 3DS at launch: the first, in fact, aimed to 16 million units after two years from the debut, while the second was close to 10 million pieces.

With regard to the North American market, however, Switch has done better at the launch of DS and 3DS but lags behind when compared with Wii, while in Europe it has proved to be more powerful than DS and even Wii but fails to engage 3DS. The company will be tasked with further pushing sales of its hybrid platform by unveiling its upcoming projects during the new Direct to be held at E3 2019 in Los Angeles.

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