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Kingdom Hearts 3: a Month from the publication, Nomura thanks the fans!

After a long wait by the fans linked to the work born from the collaboration between Square Enix and Disney Kingdom Hearts 3 debuted on consoles exactly a month ago. [19659002] The acceptance of the title by the fans of the Saga has allowed Kingdom Hearts 3 to reach important milestones. In Japan, for example, the Game sold more than 100,000 digital copies only during the first three days of its launch, while it achieved significant sales statistics in the United States as well. To thank the Community, the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has published a thank you message or rather special.

As you can see in the twitter that you find at the bottom, in fact, attached to the Tweet was made available a brief clip . Within this, a artwork dedicated to Sora progressively takes life. Once completed, on the screen appear the thanks to fans around the world bearing the signature "by hand" of the Director Tetsuya Nomura to which are added those of the Co-Director Tai Yasue by the Executive Producer Shinji Hashimoto and by the Producer Rie Nishi .

We take this opportunity to inform you that, recently, the Director Nomura is back to discuss the future of the Saga. In particular, the author has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will receive DLC and an Expansion and has discussed some interesting narratives of the Game. From today, it is also available for free on the Kingdom Hearts Playstation Store VR Experience for Playstation VR.

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