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Kingdom Hearts 3: Director Nomura discusses some Game Story Elements

Recently, Nomura, during an interview with the editorial board of Dengeki Online, was able to confirm that Kingdom Hearts 3 will receive some Free DLC and an Expansion. On the same occasion, the Director also had the opportunity to give details on some of the events narrated in the Game.

WARNING: SPOILER follows on the plot of Kingdom Hearts 3.

In particular, Nomura had ways to share some interesting considerations. Among these, we surely find the events related to the events of Xion a character we find in Kingdom Hearts 3 as a member of the XIII Organization. The interviewer, asking for clarifications on how such events were possible in detail, the Director declares: "I think it's something that people could imagine, but we plan to explain it in the downloadable content" . [19659004] Space also for some considerations related to "Mondo Finale" and to the characters of Lea and Isa . The interviewer, in fact, asks Nomura some clues linked to the identity of the " girl that Lea and Isa are looking for" and that of "Stella without name" that Sora meets in the Final World. Nomura's answers are interesting. Regarding the girl, the Director suggests that players could realize hypotheses by analyzing also the Secret Reports. Finally, Nomura adds that " Regarding the Star Without Name, we will discover it in the future" .

Nomura also commented on the Final Secret of Kingdom Hearts 3, declaring be aware of the fact that around it the Community has already elaborated numerous speculations. In this regard, however, he specified that " is not so simple as to be understood at this time ".

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In short, a series of considerations that can not fail to intrigue the players who have finished Kingdom Hearts 3 and that have already started to speculate on some elements related to the plot.

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