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Kingdom Hearts 3: Nomura confirms the free DLC and a great expansion

In an interview granted to Dengeki Online, Tetsuya Nomura had the opportunity to talk about the great success of the public seen by Kingdom Hearts 3 and the post-launch support that , apparently, will include small DLC, a large expansion and, probably, also the Final Mix version.

The director, first of all, confessed that the results of sale records in the first week (5 million copies distributed) they are revealed above his expectations. Despite this, the work on the title is not yet finished because, as he himself admits, there are developing DLC ​​.

Apparently, in the future will be published small additional free content and a large fee-paying DLC, for which it will take longer. "In the past we have always published a separate Final Mix package, but this time we want to add everything through additional content.The free DLC will begin to make them available as soon as we have finished the first, while for the DLC pay we will put together many things and we will publish them at once, so it will take time. "

Judging by his words, which were translated by the Japanese by a user of ResetEra, the players of Kingdom Hearts 3 will be able to expect small additional contents already in the coming months, while for the more substantial one it will be necessary to wait more time. In any case, the intention of the team is to "finish the processing of the DLC by this year and then move on to the next game" .

The nature of the additional content provided is not yet known, but among them surely the Critical Mode loudly requested by the players and already found among the game files: "The Critical Mode has always been part of the contents of the Final Mix editions, for we will make it available in the future We do not want to limit ourselves to changing the damage values, we want to balance everything We do not want it to be just difficult, but also fun and challenging ".

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