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Kingdom Hearts 3: Square Enix changes Olaf's voice after l

After disrupting the plans of the authors of Judgment, the sad story of the arrest of Pierre Taki seems destined to reverberate even on Kingdom Hearts 3. The leaders of Square Enix have in fact decided to replace his voice, lent to the character of Olaf, with a new patented dubbing

The gravity of the accusation made against Pierre Taki by the Japanese authorities (possession and use of drugs) thus pushes the leaders of the Japanese videogame giant to take measures drastic. The change of the Olaf dialogue lines of the native speaker version of Kingdom Hearts 3 will take place via a free update which should be published shortly, reads the press release issued by Square Enix on the pages of its official website.

The dialogues of the western versions of KH3, as a consequence, will not be modified. Here, in any case, the arrest of Pierre Taki could lead to the postponement of the marketing of Judgment, the action adventure of SEGA and the Studio Yakuza expected to be released on June 25 this year on PS4 and Xbox One. If in the case of replacing the voice in Olaf's Japanese language the intervention of Square Enix has a symbolic value, in fact, as regards the new project by the authors of the Yakuza series, the centrality of the character voiced by Pierre Taki, Hamura Kyohei, obliges SEGA to look for a new interpreter for the lines of dialogue to be entrusted to that role .

Both in the case of the Kingdom Hearts 3 corrective patch and of the possible postponement of Judgment, obviously, we will keep you updated of the any developments.

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