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Kirby and the New Stoffa dell

Announced by Nintendo in September of last year, Kirby and the New Stoffa of the Hero debut today, Friday, March 8, on the gaming market!

To celebrate the new debut of the well-known and beloved character on the consoles of Family Nintendo 3DS the Kyoto House has published, as usual, a Trailer di Lancio entirely dedicated to the title. With a duration of about two minutes, the video allows us to take a look at the graphic style and the gameplay mechanics that will characterize this new adventure of Kirby . You can find the new Trailer directly at the opening of this news: Good Vision!

We remind readers that the Kyoto House has recently made available a Free Demo of Kirby and the New Stoffa of the Hero. Within the Title, we will have to help the sweet and rosy character Nintendo "to patch Toppalandia" . The Game constitutes a remake of the previous Kirby and the Stoffa of the Hero, originally debuted on Nintendo Wii and originally published by Nintendo in 2011. In addition to the original content, Kirby and the New Cloth The Hero includes some new additional features. As highlighted by the Launch Trailer, the Game is available on all 3DS family consoles starting today, Friday, March 8.

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