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League of Legends PG Nationals: the final round

The spotlights on the PG Nationals are about to go out, at least those of the regular season. Starting from Monday, at the end of the last day and the last two matches of the group stage of the championship, the last two teams of the classification will finish the competition in advance while the other six will continue in the knockout phase. If the high areas are still to be established with certainty, mathematics has already established who will go on holiday first: MOBA ROG and Racoon . For them the umpteenth week ended with a double defeat to the now acquired awareness of not having been up to the season. We are talking respectively about the team that won the third place in the regular season of the Summer Split 2018 and the one that came third in the entire competition, always in the same split. Yet in this 2019 it seems no longer enough: the general level has risen and those who have made investments, real and tangible, today gather the fruits .


It is no coincidence, and we will never tire of repeating it, that the first four teams are the only four in the league to have a gaming house . Campus Party Sparks, QLASH Forge, Samsung Morning Stars and Cyberground can boast their own physical space that welcomes players and allows them to train, compete and live. Creating, above all, synergy between teammates even beyond the game. Two of them, in particular, were ranked last in the last split, pushing them to do and give more. Let's talk about Sparks today first in solitary, and of the Palermo Cyberground passed by a team snubbed by many a serious competitor for the title.
In the middle of the struggle not to be forgotten between Outplayed and iDomina . The first are the holders of the title, the latter the eternal unfinished of the Italian competitive scene. Despite a low-pitched championship troubled by numerous problems, the OP showed on the last day of being still a fearsome team when they manage to run everything perfectly. Seven defeats are too many but the two victories obtained against the QLASH Forge, favorites for the title, make every possible opponent of the playoffs tremble. The iDomina, for their part, continue to show communication problems of which the only foreigner of the team, jungler Curator can not be the only cause.

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I Power Ranking

The most immediate datum is undoubtedly the collapse of the MOBA ROG never succeeded to impose itself after the first two weeks: a free descent without control almost identical to that of the Racoons, were it not for the direct confrontation to go in favor of the raccoons: but the substance does not change. Inadequate for this level.
Then iDomina and Outplayed seesaw albeit at different heights. The OP's luck is that they will present themselves to their opponents with almost the same SMS and CGG points, with the last day to be played. In particular, it is possible to notice the two sudden blackout weeks of CGG, located between Week 2 and Week 4, and falling performance of SMS in the last three days. That there was a problem was understood: and it was in botlane. Although one of the players with the highest KDA in the league, the botlaner Namex and the team have split up. On the last day he played Tutu actually midlaner, but from this will come a new member: the Spanish Nash1c for an all Iberian botlaner with the support Simpy . Objective: reverse the negative trende and gain direct access to the semifinals coming in the top two in the league.

The best team in general remains however that of the Sparks, improved by 77.53% more than the expectations of the eve. To better understand how significant it is given, the Outplayed are only third last in this special ranking, even though they started with more than 150 points of advantage, quickly squandered while the OP crashed into their own ghosts. of the past and the SPKs in the general silence followed their path, imposing themselves slowly but steadily. The symbol of the team is the rebirth of Librid, often criticized for being considered inconstant and unreliable. The reality of the facts is that his KDA of 3.8 out of 12 games puts him as the best midlaner of the competition, at least according to the numbers

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The best and worst of the week

Among the best of the last week are included in first place without rivals the Outplayed veterans of +196 points conquered, thanks to the victory on the Forge. They may have changed their names, masked by QLASH, but when the Outplayd read 4G they activate every possible neuron to inflict a defeat to their opponents. Then follow Sparks, with +106 points, and Cyberground with +77 .

The worst were instead Raccon and MOBA and this is not really a novelty: While it is the negative data of the QLASH Forge closing the week -28 largely caused by the unexpected defeat against the Outplayed.
Beyond the teams there are the players, we know well: the pivotal balance of the teams and problem solvers. Or procacciatori. It is not the case of Forge that on the five roles bring home the virtual statuette of the best players in three different roles. In top with Beansu and his 6.7 of KDA solid thanks to the few dead; in the lower lane with the relay between Guilty and Bean which together form the mythological being Bealty with KDA average of 9 . Closes Click the support, with 6.1 of KDA . Then follows the Sparks jungler, Rawbin IV and their midlaner, Librid precisely, respectively with 6.2 and 6.4 of KDA . To be honest, the best score belongs to Gama, author of a stellar performance with Outplayed: having played a single game, however, does not make it significant. The five best roles are the prerogative of the two teams in Top2: a perfect photograph of the championship

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The last day, in an unexpected way, will be held the clash at the summit between Q4G and SPK but also several clashes fundamental not only for the final ranking of the regular season but also for morale and to understand the real balance of power between the teams. Week to scream for the Outplayed in this sense, which will face iDomina and Morning Stars: a 2-0 would be an injection of immeasurable trust in view of the playoffs.

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