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League of Legends PG Nationals: welcome back QLASH Forge!

The match highlight of the fifth week of the PG Nationals marked a clear division in the league table, highlighted even more by the numbers of the Power Ranking which we will examine later. QLASH Forge vs. Samsung Morning Stars was not simply a game for the summit but also to understand the real potential of both teams.
On the one hand the Q4G, called to overcome even the statistics for which no team from before in the Power Ranking had never finished a 2-0 week; on the other, understand the real ambitions and understand how far the SMS can push. The Landa has given its answer: the gap between the two is still present but above all the QLASH Forge gave the idea of ​​being the most solid team of the competition . Methods, perhaps sometimes slow and boring, but the results so far are giving them reason.

The real ranking

They took advantage of the Sparks that continue the summit pair with the Forge leaving behind the SMS . Two wins in the week: the simplest one against the Racoons and the apparently more complicated against the Outplayed, to test with the new jungler. Beyond the two positive results, he hit the clean and practical execution of the players compared to what was studied at the table. The hand of the coach Cristofaro "Cristo" Di Maggio seems to have brought to maturity a team that was initially reputed on a lower level. In the Power Ranking, based on past results and on the apparent value of the squad, they had been placed in fifth place with 852 points, just below the iDomina and just above the SMS. Today the SPK boast 8 wins and 2 losses and the first position in the ranking of the teams that have improved their score more than the initial expectations: + 65.05% . Second i QLASH Forge currently stopped at 52.44% .

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After the SMS, now third complete the Top4 i Cyberground . And it is perhaps no coincidence that the top four in the standings are the four that own a gaming house. An added value that seems to be at present fundamental for communication between players. It is here, between the fourth and fifth place, that the first split in the standings has been created: it is the only point in which between two consecutive teams there are two lengths of distance, which means the difference in level between the first and last four. In fact, thanks to the Power Ranking, it is possible to notice a further differentiation: in the leading group QLASH Forge and Sparks are clearly divided by SMS and Cyberground, about 300 points ; similar speech in the lower part, in which Outplayed and iDomina dominate MOBA ROG and Racoon distant now more than 250 points from the nearest.

Racoon and MOBA ROG in particular are experiencing a championship not very happy. The first had even reached the third place in the Summer Split 2018 but the investments for the rose were obviously not enough to keep the level of 2019 high. No surprise, therefore, if they now occupy the last place in communion with the MOBA ROG . Even they started with the best intentions after the excellent season of debut, then they were dissolved along the way. Marcello "Ferakton" Passuti left first, followed, according to rumors, by Sabbath who would have slammed the door coming out: disappointed, rumored, the arrival of Hiro in its place to keep company with PaoloCannone . Even the proposal to move to the jungle, given the release of Outlandisch was enough to make it stay. It will therefore Lazuriel to change position while in his place in the middle lane will play Vigil good talent yet to be grasped.

The Outplayed Case

Even more disappointed are the fans of the Outplayed : from the winners of the Summer Split 2018 and Top8 at the EU Masters one would have expected something more. Instead we must be content with the sixth place at least at the moment, with the relegation a step behind them and the third place practically now unattainable. Not bad: the current goal is to gain access to the playoffs, so keep behind the MOBA ROG and Racoon. Yet it will not be easy. The new jungler Stylee has not yet meshed but is understandable for those who have not played competitively for almost a year.

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The situation in the lanes is different: Skar is clearly still too inexperienced at the moment it is a bet more on the future than on the present, because the player's talent is not discussed. DrMatt and Brizz among the longest-lived Italians, seem to be the only ones to understand the dynamics of the game while botlaner Chrisberg seems at ease only when in the lead .
All dynamics that translate into the difficulty of communication between departments, as well as the strategic approach to viewing the map. The Outplayed holds the negative record of both lumens placed per minute 2.5 and of the vision score per minute, or 0.89 . Not even Racoon and MOBA ROG have done so much worse. This figure shows a team untied, unaltered and tries to get by with the initiative of individuals

The best and worst

Despite the fine words spent on Q4G and SPK the title of best team of the week according to the Power Ranking is that of the Racoon with +119 points result of the victory, their second in the league, against the MOBA ROG. After them the Cyberground with +105 thanks to the not so simple victories on Outplayed and iDomina, determining to break the classification against the Top4 claimants. A double result that allows them to even reach Outplayed in the performance ranking. Finally the Q4G with 92 points conquered compared to the previous week

Medal of the worst which instead goes primarily to MOBA ROG too bad to be true . Their -60 in the rankings is felt and allows the Racoon to overtake them for the first time in the championship in the Power Ranking. Immediately behind the iDomina veterans of a week of two defeats and -53 points : a strange day for a team that seemed to have found the main road to victory and now finds again mired two lengths from the Top4, to four (too many) from the Top2 which represents direct access to the semifinals.
The iDomina improved in percentage with respect to the expectations of the eve with a + 18.97% final. Yet it is not enough: to improve the aspect of the decision to be taken in the mid-early game, that is when it is no longer possible to apply the strategy studied at a table but it becomes necessary to improvise and make hasty decisions.

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Do not miss Sunday 3 March starting from 16:00, Sparks vs Cyberground : for the people of Palermo the opportunity to get even closer to the most important area of ​​the Ranking. The numbers of the Power Ranking, however, are clear: the SPK are the favorites with their 1406 points against the 1130 CGG, which translates into a 55.44% probability that the game goes in their favor according to the expected results

Monday, March 4 however, the great classic of 2018 between QLASH Forge and Outplayed . A note of nostalgia: once it was a clash aimed at domination or less than the top of the championship with the result that was 50% for both. Numbers that today rise to 59% in favor of the QLASH Forge with the Ouplayed underdog of the match.

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