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Left Alive: Video Unboxing from the very rich Mech Edition

Left Alive has been released for just a few days and the collector's version of the game, called "Mech Edition" which includes: the Steelbook metal case, an 80-page Artbook of the game and an action has also arrived in the newsroom. mech figures Volk. Here is the "unpacking" of Left Alive Mech Edition by Francesco Fossetti!

The Mech Edition can be purchased on Square Enix Store for 159.99 euros (shipping costs excluded), this version also includes the Survival DLC, in addition to the contents listed in the opening you can see in detail in our unboxing video that you find at the top of the news.

The new game Square Enix is ​​available from 5 March in Europe in the PlayStation 4 and PC formats, to learn more, we refer you to the Left Alive review " In the months leading up to its market launch Left Alive has always remained on the sidelines, showing himself only timidly and using the character design of Yoji Shinkawa to emphasize the similarity with the concept of the first Metal Gear Solids – a closeness that, after all, is only productive: the new game of Square-Enix is ​​a tri buto in the golden age of Japanese actions, of the "stylized" political fiction and glorious experiments with 3D. There would have been no harm in a nostalgic recovery of those values ​​and of the way of understanding the video game, even accepting to have for the hands a product that is not too modern and a little plastered. "

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