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LoL: Echo Fox affaire, ultimatum of commissioner LCS: "Away who used racist epithets"

The quarrel concerning the Echo Fox adds another piece. After the outburst of their founder Rick Fox and je m'accuse of Amit Raizada, external investor, who confirmed that he had spoken racist epithets against Jace Hall, CEO of the organization but not against Rick Fox, The harsh words of the Commissioner of the LCS on Twitter arrive

The latter has ordered the Echo Fox of to remove the author of the racist phrases from his organization within 60 days. As anticipated a week ago, the North American championship commissioner Chris Greeley concluded the preliminary investigations into the matter, tracing the culprit between one of the owners of the organization that plays in the LCS and holds a franchise.

Words of hatred, threats and bigotry cannot find a place in the LCS. We directed Echo Fox to make the most appropriate decision within a 60-day time frame. If the organization does not take action against the identified culprits, the Echo Fox will be held responsible for violating the rules of the league and the contract for participation in the LCS. In this case the league reserves the right to take formal actions that could jeopardize the future of the organization in the LCS "This is expressed by Chris Greeley Commissioner LCS, Official statement on Twitter .

The commissioner would not therefore punish the team for the episode as such but for the eventual immobility demonstrated in not taking action. The same line of action by Rick Fox, who came to threaten to leave the organization that bears his own name because he was disappointed by the board of directors who had decided to ignore the incident hoping it would end in nothing. 19659003] “ I have fantastic partners, investors and sponsors with me but I can't stand this kind of behavior. Sport has been my life, my passion: I have no intention of going anywhere else but I can't stay in business with a racist. I simply do not want. "

According to sources close to the Echo Fox and Riot Games, reported by ESPN, the culprit would be Amit Raizada although he denies any offense through his lawyers in any way racist against Rick Fox or threats to his family, confirming instead the epithet, which he himself considered unjustifiable, to Jace Hall.

Ball to the Echo Fox: the next move is theirs.

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