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LVP will broadcast the Fortnite World Cup

The League of Professional Video Games has announced on its social networks that will be responsible for the broadcast of the Fortnite World Cup the biggest event of battle royale to date, although much information is still lacking, it is expected that there will be Spanish narration with casters of the company and some new face .

The retransmissions of the qualifiers will take place on Saturdays and Sundays starting at 6:00 pm on the secondary Twitch channel of LVP . Nor have they ruled on the possibility of casting the New York Grand Final – which will take place in July – but it is more than logical to expect a positive response.

LVP has emphasized retransmissions will follow especially, to Spanish players who compete in the qualifiers. There are still several options for more players from Spain to get into the final. Some like JrgeQ (S2V Esports) and Khisanth (Vodafone Giants) were left to enter and will have to try again in the five weeks remaining .

 Spanish classified Fortnite World Cup
Prisi0n3r0 (Team Queso) and DiegoGB (S2V) are the only two Spaniards already qualified for New York. | Source: LVP.

The " Call to the World Cup ", the title that LVP has put to this event, will begin this same weekend, with Week 6 of the Fortnite World Cup in duos mode . Just wait for this appointment to go smoothly, not like the previous one. On Saturday, May 18, we have an appointment on Twitch

LVP will broadcast the Fortnite World Cup

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