Media Create will no longer publish sales figures for games in Japan


On the pages of we publish weekly the Japanese software charts with the data provided by Media Create, but today the agency has announced that will no longer provide any data publicly due to the explicit request of its shareholders.

Media Create analyzes the Japanese market since 1994 and every week provides precise sales figures for the new games released in Japan, but from today it will no longer be the case. The company has indeed announced that it will no longer publish sales figures on Japanese soil, due to pressure from shareholders, which include numerous large publishers.

From this moment it will therefore be more complicated to have an overview of the situation Japanese, similar to what happens in North America, where the NPD group no longer disseminates sales figures publicly, even if these are usually leaked through insiders and industry analysts.

This is not, Media Create clarifies , of censorship but of the desire not to stand against the shareholders, a move that would lead to the closure of the small company that today only sees eleven employees and does not have the economic resources to defend itself against possible lawsuits.