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Mediapro buys the entire LVP for 22 million euros

The audiovisual group Mediapro one of the most important in the Spanish television market, has acquired 100% of the shares of The League of Professional Videogames for 22 million euros .Farroid, until now owner of the LVP, now part of Mediapro.

The venture capital firm Reus Capital Partners and Ticnova, which controlled the remaining percentage of LVP so far, it has confirmed that the purchase has become effective in two parts. Mediapro acquired a large percentage of the company in 2016 in addition to expanding its capital to have control. Now, the audiovisual giant has finished his purchase.

Excellent figures

In the latest accounts published by Fandroid, in 2017, the company had invoiced 6.5 million euros . By 2018, the goal was to grow revenue 40%, up to 10 million euros uros.

In that same year, the LVP revealed that they had exceeded the figure of 28 million spectators throughout their 531 live broadcasts. This figure exceeds by 64% the numbers of 2017, pointing to a great growth in recent years.

The League of Professional Video Games is the most important electronic sports organization in Spain and its reach reaches also to Latin America Mediapro has decided to invest in the giant of the esports with the intention of being the first to be part of this new phenomenon of entertainment.

Mediapro buys the entire LVP for 22 million euros

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