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Microsoft announces Game Stack: Xbox LIVE arrives on iOS and Android

While waiting for the GDC 2019, Microsoft today announced a new initiative, Game Stack, which will bring together all the Microsoft developer tools and services in a single ecosystem for everyone .

Microsoft Game Stack is based on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform which offers the computing power and storage space essential for the future of gaming, as well as services based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Game Stack integrates PlayFab, a completely backend service for the creation and management of Cloud-based titles, which thus enters the Azure family, benefiting from the reliability, scalability and security of the platform.

Microsoft also announced 5 new PlayFab services now available in preview:

  • PlayFab Matchmaking: powerful solution for matchmaking in multiplayer titles, from today on public preview
  • PlayFab Party: voice and chat communication services now available for all games and devices. Party uses Azure Cognitive Services for simultaneous translation and transcription, making games even more accessible
  • PlayFab Game Insights: combines real-time telemetry with game data from different sources to measure game performance and create operable insights
  • PlayFab Pub Sub: a flexible system to transmit information in real time between services and clients
  • PlayFab User Generated Content: allows the community to be involved by allowing players to safely create and share user-generated content [19659009] Finally, Xbox Live becomes part of Microsoft Game Stack offering services for secure identity management and community involvement. Within Game Stack, Xbox Live will extend its cross-platform functionality thanks to the introduction of a new SDK that also brings the community to iOS and Android devices.

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