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Minecraft Earth: new mobile augmented reality game unveiled in video

Microsoft executives celebrate Minecraft's tenth anniversary by officially announcing the Minecraft Earth project, an augmented reality video game for iOS and Android mobile systems.

Developed by Mojang to stay as faithful as possible to the original masterpiece despite the different playful approach adopted by the development company founded by Markus "Notch" Persson, Minecraft Earth promises to let us explore the world by observing it with different eyes, thanks to the virtual presence of structures that will include blocks, trunks full of treasures and creatures called Tappables .

Walking, users will also be able to come across small portions of Minecraft worlds in augmented reality, defined Adventures that will transform the pavement into mines full of diamonds or trees of the park in mysterious hiding places populated by skeletons not particularly prone to dialogue. Just as in Pokemon GO as we progress in the game we will be able to gain experience and gain ingame advantages that will revolve around the unlocking of Minecraft creatures to collect .

Facing the challenges proposed to us daily by Mojang , we will then have the opportunity to populate the AR universe of Minecraft Earth through the construction of Buld Plates permanent structures that can be explored by other nearby players. The title, therefore, will draw on the curiosity of the fans and there will push to collaborate to solve together the environmental puzzles of the Adventures in augmented reality and face the challenges in time to acquire XP and collectable creatures. The title, moreover, will use Microsoft Azure technology at the center of the historic alliance between Sony and Microsoft linked to the evolution of cloud gaming.

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Before leaving you to the video presentation of Minecraft Earth we inform the interested parties that the new Microsoft AR game will be in beta testing during this summer on both iOS and Android smartphones.

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