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Minecraft Earth will include microtransactions but will not have Loot Box

Minecraft Earth's announcement has clarified the free-to-play nature of the title in augmented reality by Mojang but has not disclosed further details on the types of monetization that will be used by Microsoft to support this multimillion-dollar project that will attempt to break the mobile domain of Pokemon GO.

A representative of the videogame giant of Redmond questioned by the USgamer editors has thus taken advantage of the enormous media visibility guaranteed by reveal trailer by Minecraft Earth to reveal that "the game will offer many ways to personalize and improve the user experience through monetization, while maintaining fairness, so we are avoiding pain points like ingame advertising, Loot Boxes and pay-to-win mechanics to safeguard users and offer a 'fair gaming experience for all ".

According to reports from the PR of Microsoft, therefore, the last blockbuster mob ile di Mojang will not adopt an aggressive microtransaction system and will not limit the experience of enthusiasts through fictitious posts represented, in fact, by the portions of the game provided through Loot Box or additional packages to payment. The internal shop of the title should therefore contain only aesthetic objects to personalize your alter-ego and the blocks used to make your own "augmented reality constructions", an approach not too dissimilar from that used with the store of the original version of Minecraft which is ten years old today, May 17.

In any case, we remind those who follow us that Minecraft Earth will enter the Closed Beta this summer on systems mobile iOS and Android capable of supporting AR features.

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