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Mom forced to take the child during an online gaming session

Exaggerations are always harmful, in any area, and yet when they concern videogames they seem to make more noise than other fields. Unjustifiable, however, is the behavior of a boy, engaged in a grueling online multiplayer session in the Philippines.

In a disturbing video (you find it inside the source) shot in an internet cafe in the Asian country in fact, you see a mother intent on taking literally with her hands, her thirteen year old son, who does not take his eyes off the screen and his mouse and keyboard hands to continue his game at Battle Royale Rules of Survival. Far be it from dampening the gravity of the situation, but we ask ourselves what happens when the boy proves to have other physiological needs, in addition to that relating to nutrition.

In the article, appeared in an English magazine, we read that the boy has even abandoned the school to be able to play, and that the mother, at first tried to counter the bad habit of his son, but then realized that the situation is not unblocked, he decided to try "a different approach".

The woman asked for help on the internet, while the video, in spite of herself, became viral in a short time. Already last year, the World Health Organization declared the dependence on video games a real disease, triggering a wave of controversy even within the community of gamers. Videos like those in question can only further fuel such a debate.

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