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More than a million eSports fans in Italy

Interesting issues have arrived from AESVI, the association that represents the Italian videogame industry, which in Milan presented a report on eSports in our country, revealing that fans of competitive professional videogames they are always more.

According to the report presented, about 350,000 people daily follow the eSports events, and this number rises to one million and two hundred thousand people when those following the eSports are also taken into consideration several times a week

A figure that confirms an ever-increasing interest of Italians in what is in effect becoming a new form of entertainment. On the other hand that the phenomenon is in the process of expansion is rather easy to understand, considering how many numbers a title like Fortnite can generate, which with the Fortnite World Cup will surely record dizzying ratings, or how many real sports champions are investing in the world of eSports.

Fernando Alonso founded an eSport organization just a couple of months ago, and it is only the latest to have spent resources this way. What do you think of this situation? Are you also a fan of eSports? Are you happy with the growing attention towards the world of competitive professional games?

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