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Moss prepares to welcome "Twilight Garden": new free content for the VR game

Moss made his debut in 2018 on Playstation VR and, subsequently, support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift was introduced by the developers. Now the game is preparing to land on Oculus Quest .

To celebrate this important milestone, the Polyarc Games team announced "Twilight Garden" a new chapter of Moss , which will introduce several additional content into the game, including new settings and challenges. Everything will be made available to gamers via a completely free update . As the little topolina Quill users can venture into the new areas thanks to special portals in the game world.

"Twilight Garden" will be available in preview for Oculus Quest , starting from the next Tuesday 21 May . However, the update will also be distributed on the other platforms supported by the title and the players Playstation VR HTC Vive and Oculus Quest will have access to it during the month of June .

For readers who have not yet had a chance to try the title, we point out that our review of Moss is available on the pages of Everyeye. Inside, Giuseppe Arace delves into the features of this little fairy-tale adventure to explore in virtual reality. Also at his signature, a review of Oculus Quest is also available, thanks to which it is possible to discover the full potential of this new VR gaming platform.

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