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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden: demo on Steam and Denuvo removal

Funcom and The Bearded Ladies have decided to give players the chance to try for free the excellent Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden strategic XCOM style that sees a team of Mutants leading a post-human Earth protagonist.

Starting today, the game demo is available for download on Steam. With a total weight of about 3GB, this trial version contains a substantial portion of the game that will lead you to experience the initial phases of the strategy until you reach the Arca .

In addition, the title is recently updated with a new patch which, in addition to correcting several technical imperfections and improving the sensitivity of the mouse for multi-screen configurations, goes to remove the Denuvo anti-tamper protection and to add the Stalker Trials special tests thanks to which the game maps will be reworked and reshuffled to test the skills of the strategic players again (a leaderboard with the personal results obtained will be included).

to readers that Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is now available for Personal Computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Will you take the chance to give Funcom a chance? If you are interested in further investigating the game, we recommend that you consult our review.

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