Mysterious platforms appear in Apex Legends: is Octane coming?


Over the past few weeks, Apex Legends new and recent creation of Respawn Entertainment, has been the focus of frequent and numerous rumors and rumors.

Many of these seemed to focus on the possible introduction to the inside the Battle Royale of a new character, known within the Community linked to the Title with the name of Octane . This alleged new fighter did a lot of talking about himself, following the spread of growing rumors related to the in-game introduction of this Legend.

Indeed, only a short time ago, a leak seemed even having spread many details about Octane. between these, its appearance, but also its special abilities. Among these were capacities related to self-healing and the possibility of placing special platforms on the Game map, which could facilitate and increase the speed of movement of the players. Well, it seems that in these hours many Players are signaling the presence within the Title proper of strange platforms on which it is possible to jump reaching a wide elevation. You can view its operation via the clip found at the bottom of this news, posted by an active user on Reddit.

That the Mysterious Legend is really going to make its debut in Apex Legends? We just have to wait for confirmation from the Development Team!