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New functionality for Steam Link: now it can also be used remotely

Despite the stop to the production of Steam Link decided by Valve the company still seems to have some plans in mind for the device, given that it has just announced a new use: it will finally be possible to use it even remotely, far from home.

Previously, Steam Link could only be used if both the PC and the device used for streaming were connected to the same internet line. The new function instead, called Steam Anywhere eliminates this need and can therefore be used everywhere .

Of course there are obviously limitations, and it is still necessary that the PC and the Steam Link can be connected to a fairly fast internet line to keep lag to a minimum, and for the time being the functionality has only been released in beta version but it will surely please those who are still in possession of the Valve device. The arrival of this feature in the week in which the rumors are intensified on Google Yeti and Microsoft has released a new trailer for Project xCloud, it does not seem random.

To use the beta of the program it is sufficient to upgrade the Steam client to latest version available, that of March 13th. What do you think of the new feature of Steam Link ? Will you use it?

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