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New in Red Dead Online: LeMat Revolver, new clothes and Gold Ingots

The news of Red Dead Online that accompany the publication of the update 1.09 and the end of the Beta phase are really many. Between unpublished activities and changes to the Hostility system, the latest update of the Rockstar Games blockbuster western also brings new items and clothing to dowry.

Starting today, Tuesday, May 14, the digital catalog of Wheeler, Rawson & Co. includes Revolver LeMat a powerful lysical barrel with a revolving 9-stroke drum and a single-shot secondary barrel that fires up devastating balls. some headache with representatives of the law and enemy gangs) gave John Marston's emulators in the first Red Dead Redemption, the Red Dead Online 1.09 update replaces the digital wardrobe of users with new items of clothing that include decorated bandanas and ponchos, along with unpublished emote such as Middle Finger and Cut Throat. Both the clothes and the emotes can be purchased by going to one of the many ingame stores scattered around the RDR 2 multiplayer map.

To celebrate the end of the Red Dead Online Beta phase, the Rockstar Games guys decide to giving 15 Lingotti d'Oro and a boost of 25% experience to all those who, this week, will face the Free Roam missions and the ways of the Land of Opportunities and Rese of Conti. Holders of Ultimate Edition of Red Dead Redemption will also receive $ 100 virtual and the Emote Gola Tagliata as a gift. Did you also know that it will be possible to play Red Dead Online without PS Plus until 27 May ?

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