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New leak videos show Fortnite Viewer mode and patch skins 8.10

The Fortnite leaks do not stop : new videos leaked on the web reveal the options of the Viewer mode (not yet officially available) and some of the skins emerged from the source code of the update 8.10, published this week. [19659002] Fortnite Spectator Mode is expected to appear shortly, but it is unclear whether it will debut during Season 8 or during Fortnite Season 9, starting at the beginning of May. Fortnite Intel also released some videos showing part of the skins hidden in source code of update 8.10 including Psion, Axiom, Laguna, Kuno and Kenji.

The Laguna skin in particular appears to be from imminent arrival as part of the Laguna Starter Pack, a new package soon on sale on digital stores that will include not only the skin but also a cover, a back and 600 V-Buck to spend freely, all for the price of 4.99 euros. [19659003] Still on the subject of Fortnite skins, let's remember that today the Skin Ikonik is officially available for Samsung Galaxy S10 owners, redeemable only by those who purchased the new smartphone from the Korean company and not available in any other way, at least for the moment.

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