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New Teaser Image for Fortnite Season 8: Arrival Dragons?

In a few days, the long-awaited Season 8 of Fornite will kick off and Epic Games has decided to stimulate the curiosity of gamers through the publication of intriguing Teaser images.

Over the last days, in fact, the official Twitter account of Fortnite shared with the audience some very interesting tweets, attached to which were present clues related to the new season of the title. If the first seemed to have the Pirates as protagonists and the second the Serpents, the third maintains the standard high, even suggesting the possible presence of content related to Dragons !

As you can see at the bottom of this news , the new tweet published by the Twitter account of Fortnite is definitely intriguing. In the artwork attachment it is in fact possible to clearly distinguish the image of a creature's head. The latter appears rather resembling a Drago but, even more so, to the mythological creatures seems to refer to the new nursery rhyme proposed by the Tweet. Below is a translation:

" Awakened Creatures
Fire and Ashes
deal with them in battle
and loot the spoils "

This rhyming reference seems to suggest that during the Season 8 the game map of Fortnite could even be populated by mythological winged creatures. Unfortunately, up to now, Epic Games has not provided official confirmations, but console yourself: to find out what the 8th Season of Fornite will actually reserve for you, you'll have to wait only another 48 hours!

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