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Ninja paid $ 1,000,000 to stream Apex Legends: a new frontier?

Tyler "Ninja" Blevins, one of the most famous world-class streamer, has recently claimed to have collected in 2018 earnings for almost 10 million dollars between registrations to his channels Twitch and Youtube sponsorships and tournament winnings. More than a competitive player, however, Ninja is first and foremost a influencer with solid foundations in the gaming world but now cleared through customs everywhere: present in American late shows, in Samsung's commercials, on the cover of ESPN Magazine and Red Bull athlete. A leading personality of the overseas and global star business who with his choices can potentially influence the hundreds of thousands of spectators who follow him daily. D & # 39; otherwise much of the fortune of Fortnite is closely linked to Blevins who first managed to bring the title Epic Games to the attention of anyone.

From large numbers great deals derive

It would certainly not be a novelty, therefore, the will of some publishers to rely on figures like his own to promote their video game or product. Not least if the currency to be invested is not lacking, as in the case of Electronic Arts. According to Reuters, Ninja would have received a large $ 1 million check to bring the new title Battle Royale: Apex Legends into its streaming. Quoting an anonymous source, the well-known press agency stated that the video game publisher, EA, would pay out 1,000,000 dollars to promote its launch on the channel.

Exaggerated figure? We are talking of a streamer and youtuber that counts 13 million followers on Twitch 20 million of subscribers on Youtube an average of 55,000 spectators at each live . He brought rapper Drake live, was a guest of the American programs conducted by Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres . A public personality who moves the waters to every one of his directives. The average monthly earnings, he himself declared to CNN, is of $ 500,000 a figure that rises further in those he defined as "more positive months". It would not be the first time, moreover, that Ninja gets a payment for a sponsorship: Kotaku well-known portal for information on gaming and exports, reported that two anonymous sources declared that in past Ninja has received 600,000 Dollars to attend an event, whose name is covered by anonymity.

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EA has not commented on the news in detail but confirmed that the ; company has promoted a multi-player marketing program, including " any paid sponsorships for content creator when the game was launched ." In fact, during the first few days, players of the caliber of Ninja and Shroud had graphics that announced them as part of the # & # 39; " Apex Legends partner program ", although nothing had suggested during the broadcast hours what the meaning of this label was. Million or not million, Ninja's impact on Apex Legends was significant: the day of the launch doubled the numbers of Fortnite stupendous every forecast of the eve.

The limbo of marketing [19659008] The main argument, however, is yet another and risks opening a dispute that not even Pandora's box. Because if a content creator decided to promote a video game, would it be required to declare it? Is it advertising or not? A problem already experienced by influencers and fashion bloggers on Instagram : a picture taken with a bag is direct advertising for those who look at the photo? In that case the answer was something in between. D & # 39; otherwise it is a land yet to be explored that currently lives in a limbo. If we decide to bring a video game to our channel to promote it for a hefty fee, should I declare that it is a sponsored and advertising content?

Hard to find an immediate answer because it is not clear where the boundary between promoting a product and content creation as a service use. Probably due to a question of intellectual correctness it would be a deed to communicate that they had been paid specifically to talk about a certain product. Yet the times in which we will see on Twitch or Youtube the words " Program with insertion of products for commercial purposes "

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