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Nintendo explains how Zelda works: Breath of the Wild with Labo VR

Nintendo Labo: Kit VR for Nintendo Switch has already arrived in stores and on April 26 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will become compatible with the VR viewer thanks to a free update.

Today, the technical director of the game Takuhiro Dohta gave us the first information on this new mode, which allows you to live a different experience without changing the design behind the game. First of all, he explained that to activate it, simply select the item System in the main menu, set "Use VR viewer" and finally insert Nintendo Switch inside the VR viewer.

The controls and perspective in the game do not change, but in this way you will be able to see Hyrule with "different eyes" since the game camera moves according to the direction in which you are looking . Dohta-san advises us to " use the VR viewer when we are looking for something interesting, for example a place from which to enjoy a breathtaking view, one of your favorite characters or an item of equipment that you like particularly ".

Clearly, the new mode is compatible with previous rescues by Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and you can change the display mode at any time during the adventure. Furthermore, "if you do not like the fact that the camera is controlled by movements, you can simply disable the function in Motion Sensors within the Options and enjoy virtual reality without having to worry about movements" . [19659006] function cc_launch_facebook_pixel () {
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