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Nintendo Switch Online: announced special game vouchers!

During the last Nitendo Direct all the Super Mario Maker 2 innovations were presented, but not only: an interesting promotion was presented.

As reported in fact by the official website of Nintendo Italy : " The Nintendo Switch game voucher program is only available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. By purchasing a set of two vouchers for € 99, ​​members can use it to get the downloadable version of two of the included titles in the catalog of the program, thus obtaining them at a reduced price !

The promotion thus allows subscribers to the Nintendo Switch online service to purchase special vouchers that in turn allow them to purchase titles for the hybrid console included in the program. The purchase must be made via Nintendo E-Shop To introduce this new special promotion Nintendo has published one s peciale dedicated trailer : you can find it at the beginning of this news! What do you think of this initiative, do you find it interesting?

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