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Nintendo unveils the release date for Super Mario Maker 2 for Switch

Nintendo's top spheres make a new Super Mario Maker 2 game video to finally unveil the official launch date of their ambitious "creative platformer", setting it exclusively on June 28th this year on Nintendo Switch

The new chapter of this level editor set in the colorful nintendiano universe that revolves around the adventures of the most famous mustachioed hydric of videogames history will include all the tools of the previous episode and many other new features

Those who want to create increasingly complex levels, in fact, will be able to place enemies, platforms, blocks and tubes using an rendered editor even more intuitive by the presence of new options and many new objects coming from from the worlds of Super Mario (and not only): among the new objects foreseen, we mention for example the slides and unevenness two a ggiunte requested by the community of content creators of the original chapter.

No less important will be the optimizations made by the developers to allow us to share the levels with the other enthusiasts, browse more easily the list of the realized works from the other players and offer them suggestions through a convenient system borrowed from the most famous social networks.

While waiting for June 28 to find out what wonders the users of Super Mario Maker 2 will be able to create, for further discussion on these pages find a list with all the bonuses for the preorders.

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