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NiOh 2 will return to show itself soon after the long waiting period?

Announced during E3 2018 during the Sony conference, NiOh 2, the follow-up to the action game developed by Team Ninja which has had considerable success first on PlayStation 4 and then on PC, could to finally be on the verge of returning to public display.

Disappeared from the radar since the conclusion of the Los Angeles fair, NiOh 2 has been the focus of a recent tweet published by the French division of PlayStation . Nothing new, unfortunately, as we are talking about the same teaser trailer that we witnessed at the announcement of the game, with several users who found it rather unusual for the company to repeat the movie so many months later. One user in particular that has understandably asked: "A little late for this trailer, isn't it?" . The almost sly replica of PlayStation was: "Better late than never" all accompanied by a suspicious wink.

Let this be a signal in view of NiOh return to the scene 2 ? The time would be ripe for a more substantial revelation of the game, since from the first announcement a not indifferent hiatus was created. Who knows that Sony, declared in the past enthusiastic about the potential offered by the project, is not parting behind the scenes something new for the title of Koei-Tecmo and Team Ninja.

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