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Noctis Lucis Caelum of FF XV arrives on Final Fantasy XIV Online

Today the world of Hydaelyn will see the arrival of some familiar faces thanks to the start of the long awaited collaboration with Final Fantasy XV on Final Fantasy XIV Online .

From today until May 27, in fact, it will be possible to play at the "A Nocturne for Heroes" event. During this time, the hero of Final Fantasy XV Noctis Lucis Caelum will enter the world of Hydaelyn with the Regalia, where he will join the Warrior of Light to fight against the magitek infantry, the magitek army and the Messenger Garuda, from Eos.

Those attending the event will be able to receive a set of Final Fantasy XV rewards :

  • The Regalia: Noctis' faithful car for four will be the very first reward of the game.
  • Hair and suit of Noctis: dressed like the hero of Final Fantasy XV
  • Card of Triple Triad of Noctis Lucis Caelum: to be used in the games of Triple Triad to Hydaelyn.
  • Various Orchestrion Roll : with the music of Final Fantasy XV

To participate in the event, players must have reached level 50 and completed the main mission "The Ultimate Weapon". It will therefore be possible to start the series of missions of the event by looking for Kipih Jakkya in Ul'dah on the Steps of Nald, where he is trying to find out the truth behind some rumors for his latest article.

At the Tokyo Fan Festival last month the complete trailer of Shadowbringers, the long-awaited third expansion of Final Fantasy XIV Online, was shown.

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