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Nøkk, the spooky new agent of Rainbow Six

 Nøkk, new agent of R6

Rainbow Six Siege continues to take steps forward in its consolidation as one of the shooters of the moment. His continuous update of maps, characters and gameplay – recently added a patch to punish players who intentionally hurt a teammate – allow him to be in permanent contact with his fans.

Week have returned to generate expectations with the promotional video of his new character: Nøkk . The teaser of the new agent can be seen both in his official social networks and in the menu of the game itself.

The video is, at least, distressing. In it appears the new attacking agent moving through an underground tunnel with a black veil covering his face . The scene, more typical of a horror movie than a video game, shows how it appears and disappears, until finally it ends up "killing" the camera. It will not be easy to avoid being scared when the players confront her, thanks to a skill that will allow her to go unnoticed in principle, before the surveillance cameras of the defenders. "He uses his special operations training to infiltrate, gather information and defeat his opponents," they say on the website of R6 .

The new season will be called Operation Phantom Sight

It had already been leaked previously the option that the new character had a ability similar to that of Vigil (invisible to drones), but on the other side, that of the attackers. However, it is still to be determined if his skill will really be the same or there will be variations, which could include, for example, a reduction of the noise of his steps in the purest style Caveira . The teaser is full of clues that have begun to generate theories among the fans, although they can only leave doubts once the agent is within the goal of the game.

The new operation, which could see the light after its announcement in the finals of the Pro League next Sunday May 19 will receive the name of Phantom Sight which comes to give a hint of the phantasmagorical qualities of Nøkk . His departure will be accompanied by a defender, as always, although this is still not known too many details and a map that perhaps resembles the scenario seen during the trailer: a lugubrious place without too much light, so that the new agents show their best version.

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