Not just Sora in Kingdom Hearts 3: two Mini-Trailers dedicated to Goofy and Donald Duck!


Kingdom Hearts 3 and the Saga in general, have hosted a large number of memorable characters. In all his adventures, however, Sora has always been able to count on two exceptional "shoulders": Pippo and Donald Duck .

And the two iconic Disney characters could not miss the highly anticipated Kingdom Hearts 3 to accompany, once again, the intrepid and generous Sora in the course of his new travels through the Worlds. Precisely to highlight the importance of Pippo and Donald Duck within the Title, Square Enix published two Mini-Trailer entirely dedicated to the two beloved characters. Spread from the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, you can view them directly attached to the tweets available at the bottom of this news. To present the clumsy Pippo the motto " The help is coming! ", while for the irascible Donald Duck we find the promise " heroes never flee! ". Choosing between two such beloved and iconic characters is certainly difficult: do you have your personal favorite?

If you have already concluded your adventures through the galaxies of Kingdom Hearts 3 and you already miss it, there note that Nomura recently confirmed that the title will be supported through the publication of some free DLCs and a larger expansion. The Director also focused on the discussion of some narrative junctions. Finally, if you want to discuss in more detail the plot and the final game, we point out that on the pages of Everyeye you can find a special entirely dedicated to the subject.