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Octopath Traveler: first PC version trailer and porting details

After the rumors of recent weeks, Square Enix has confirmed that Octopath Traveler, currently available only on Nintendo Switch, will arrive on PC via Steam on June 7th, below all the details.

" On Octopath Traveler you will leave for an epic adventure in the continent of Orsterra, a charming but also very dangerous land composed of vast diversified landscapes, including lush forests, desert outposts and snowy cathedrals. different, each with their own story to tell: from the discovery of themselves to revenge missions, each character will start his journey from a different region, so you can live a unique experience depending on who you choose. PC its incredible HD-2D graphics which mixes fantastic 2D characters with a wonderful 3D world. "

The game will be by available for PC (Steam) from 7 June 2019 with entries in English and Japanese and texts in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese. For more information, see the review of Octopath Traveler for Switch.

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