Overwatch: Baptiste's arrival date announced on PC, PS4 and Xbox One


Having passed the running-in phase represented by the PTR brilliantly, the thirtieth Overwatch hero, Baptiste, is about to leave the test servers to land on the official servers of the Blizzard erotic shooter . The valiant elite field doctor and former operative agent of Talon who will replenish the already rich roster of Overwatch characters will be available for all fans of the multiplayer shooter starting next 19 March so much on PC as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Baptiste's arsenal will include a Regenerative Impulse that will provide periodic care to teammates (and to themselves, if needed), an Immortality Camp will be able to create an energy field capable of preventing the death of its allies and a devastating Biotic Grenade launcher with dual fire mode.

Completing the hypertechnological equipment of the n egg Overwatch hero then we will find an Amplification Matrix that will multiply the damage points and the healing effects of those going through it and the Enhanced Boots, a "classic" gadget that will allow us to make leaps to escape the enemy bullets and exploit the verticality of maps.