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Overwatch: discover the story and the special skills of Baptiste

After packing the presentation footage of Baptiste Overwatch authors detail the special abilities of the thirtieth playable character of their iconic hero shooter and trace the profile with the card that deepens its background narrative

Described as an elite field doctor and former Talon operative agent, Baptiste will serve the weakest in his abilities to prevent others from suffering the trauma he experienced and the other 30 million children made orphans from the Omnic Crisis

Released from Talon and his bevy of mercenaries, the former soldier of the Caribbean Coalition that we will be able to interpret in the arenas of the multiplayer shooter of Blizzard will try to leave behind the past giving us the opportunity to use his innate fighting skills specialized in supporting the allies.

The arsenal available to Baptiste in fact includes a Biotic Grenade Launcher un Regenerative Impulse which provides periodic care to teammates (and to himself), a Field of Immortality which creates an energy field that prevents allies to die, a Amplification Matrix that doubles the damage and the effects of care of those who cross it and the Boots Enhanced that allow the user to make leaps to reach the higher platforms of the map.

The information sheet on Baptiste is accompanied by a video in depth of the chief developer Jeff Kaplan who describes in great detail the abilities of the thirtieth hero that Blizzard makes available to all Overwatch fans on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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