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Participants in the Regional Final Season 2 of the PES League 2019 are unveiled

The 2019 edition of the PES League is about to enter life and Konami announces the eSports teams and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 professional players who will participate in the European Regional Finals which will be held from 26 to 28 April in Oporto in Portugal

As for the final phase of the PES League 2018, access to the internship will be guaranteed to those who have qualified in the previous eSport challenges by playing the 1-on-1 and cooperative tournaments. Here then is the complete list of the PES 2019 champions who will contest the scepter of best Pro Evolution player on the globe in the frame of the Porto videogame competition :

Torneo 1v1: qualified

  • Europe PC platform : josesg93 – Dominho
  • Europe Xbox platform: MerooMan – LondoKere
  • France: Lotfi_Derradji – usmakabyle
  • Germany: S04_EL_Matador
  • Netherlands: henkdenhaag – The_Almighty_DS
  • Portugal: mrstr2017 – Christopher_PW
  • Rest of the World 1: LoScandalo_7
  • Rest of the World 2: Giwstin13
  • Rest of the World (Play-off): KarolKing
  • Rest of the World (WESG): l-XonilinoX-l
  • Spain: alexalguacil_8 – AntGragera10 [19659005] United Kingdom: ostrybuch – OM3N_R3TURNS_

CO-OP Tournament: qualified

  • AS Monaco Esports: lotfi94173 – usmakabyle – RedMamba55
  • FCNanteseSportGRDbros: alex__grd – Maxence Garaud
  • Mkers: kepapfc1994 – newshock – roksa czv22
  • Pro2BeeSports: umbee4596 – gagliardo28 – spagnols_88
  • QueDesShlags # QDS: neo_kams – lensoi7762 – kilou54335
  • TEAM UI: indominator – e_c_oneill – indojawafc

Among the participants in the event, therefore, we will also find Usmakabyle, the pro player who won the title of World Champion in 2015 and 2016, in addition to the emerging stars Christopher_PW, Lotfi_derradji and S04_El_Matador. The 1v1 and CO-OP tournaments will include a first qualifying phase in groups, followed by a scoreboard with knockout challenges .

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Access to the World Finals of the PES League 2019 will be guaranteed to the winner and to the second qualified in the 1v1 tournament and to the winning team of the cooperative tournament. All matches will be streamed on Twitch, YouTube and Facebook starting at 6:15 pm on Friday 26 April . While waiting to enjoy the great event, we present again our review of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

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